QoS-Aware Elastic Virtual Machine Scheduling

  • Explored cloud-based elastic virtual machine scheduling for batch, micro-batch, and stream processing models.
  • Saved up to 49% cost compared to a conventional static scheduling technique.
  • Developed a web-dashboard to monitor offset lags for Kafka for stream processing:


  • Researched a new domain-specific programming language PILOTS for spatio-temporal data streaming application to facilitate the development of smarter flight systems.
  • Development of PILOTS was inspired by the Air France 447 accident which original cause of the accident was airspeed sensor failures. PILOTS tries to detect data errors by cross-checking multiple data streams and fix them when possible.
  • Local news exposures: Troy Record, Albany Times Union.
  • Demo video of a PILOTS program detecting and correcting the airspeed sensor failure occurred in the Air France 447 accident:

Enhancements to SALSA

C-Snap with 3D

  • Integrated a 3D-system to the C-Snap visual programming environment using three.js.
  • This was a summer research project supervised by Professor Eglash and Professor Moorthy.

Interactive Audio/Graphics Generation using Kinect

  • Developed a interactive audio/graphics generation system using Microsoft Kinect
  • The system makes use of human body positions obtained with Kinect and generates audio and graphics interactively
    • Graphics library: GLUT (OpenGL Utility)
    • Programming language for audio: Chuck
  • Screenshots Screenshots